Help different populations to meet their basic needs through the sale of reusable products that help raise awareness for the environment.

How it All Began

I am a college student from Honduras that was able to see the necessity people in my country have by the lack of basic services we pretty much tend to take for granted. 

That is when I realized I had to do something myself to help in anyway I could. That is when I decided to open EcoTerra. 

My mission is to provide established organizations with the resources needed to be able to go and build projects that will allow many people in Honduras to get access to clean water. 

It is exciting and rewarding to serve my country in this way.It is a beautiful country, filled with honest and genuine people that are unable to fulfill their most immediate necessities and need out helping hand. 

Being able to show the world that my country needs them is truly a blessing and a challenge since I need from all of y'alls help to complete my mission. I am profoundly thankful for all of y'all support.

God bless.  

Educare School
Educare School